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System Alert

Yahoo is blocking the MLS


It was discovered Saturday, April 5th that Yahoo is blocking e-mail messages sent from CAAR MLS. This affects automated messages sent to Prospects, as well as messages sent from Search Results.

UPDATE from Solid Earth:

Our team has explored what changes can be made from within the List-IT platform to help circumvent this change, however this would require a substantial code change to the overnight prospecting system, as well many changes to the List-IT mail server.  At this time, we are unable to facilitate such a large system change.

The easiest way to get around this issue is for users to use a different free email provider such as a Gmail address which is not experiencing any issues currently being relayed through the List-It system.

Go to Setup

  • Click on the Personal tab
  • Change the e-mail address
  • Click Save Settings


Another option is to exit the MLS when sending e-mails from Search Results - check the box below the "Send Message" and "Cancel" buttons to exit the MLS and go to your own e-mail client (such as Outlook). This, however, will not help your prospects who are set up to receive automatic notifications.


Interested in the technical background? Here's some information from Solid Earth.

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